After Tour

1| Thanks For Taking The Tour

Partnership-01We hope you found the facility to be an exciting option in starting, growing, or expanding your foodservice dreams. I am more than positive your mental gears are turning. Let’s grease those gears and point you in the right direction. Below you’ll find the recommended steps to get started with Dream Kitchen.

2| Understand Our Requirements

Business Plan-01

  1. Insure your company and request a certificate of insurance naming your selected location as an additional insured.
    1. Feel free to contact us via email and request a sample insurance certificate outlining the minimum coverage requirements.
  2. Get Your Food Service State Manager License
    1. State law requires that one kitchen manager be licensed as a Food Manger by the state health department.

Follow this link if you would like to take the class with us via our online licensing service:

3| Organize and Plan

Tasks Completed-01

Business Plan-

Do not worry we’re not here to critique your business plan. During the application, we will simply ask a few question pertaining to your plan. This helps you make a decision on when its best to start working at the kitchen to execute your plan. Don’t forget we have the service to help you refine this plan.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are your products and services?
  3. How will you sell those products and services?
  4. What type of budget are you working with?
  5. How do you plan to leverage the Dream Kitchen platform?


Running a business in today’s competitive business world is tough. Although not necessary, we highly recommend having these items in place before spending money on facilities:

  1. A professionally designed logo
  2. Website w/ products or service Menu
  3. Business cards
  4. Product sell sheet or Service menu

To Learn More about our brand and marketing services visit the following link:

4| Chose A Rental Package


Remember 90% of our members are on a custom rental agreement that takes into account private equipment, monthly hours, type of work conducted in the kitchen and storage needs. Once you zoom in on a rental package that works best for you, we can begin to customize that package if necessary.

Follow this link to visit our rates page: (Please note we recommend viewing this page on a desktop, tablet or laptop. Viewing on a phone is not recommended)

5| Request Your Application Link


The Application and Approval process looks as follows:

  1. Submit application (Request your application link when ready)
  2. We review and approve
  3. Execute your Rental Agreement
  4. Pay deposit and  first month
  5. Receive your booking calendar credentials
  6. Receive facility access keys
  7. Fill out county and city license documentation (If required)