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Lightly Sea Salted Potato Chips [40g]

Lightly Sea Salted Potato Chips [40g]

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Gloriously unadorned but for a casual dusting of sea salt.

We only use the finest ingredients

Only the FINEST SPUDS are good enough

We use the best-dressed spuds and never any artificial ingredients*.

* Such as artificial flavour, colours or MSG.

Oodles of FLAVOUR (to tickle your tastebuds)

We apply the perfect amount of your favourite seasoning.

Our signature CRUNCH and less greasy fingers!

Hand-cooked & spun for an exquisite fresh taste!


Quality is at the heart of what we make – that’s why we keep winning awards!


Potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt.


May contain Milk.


Hand-cooked in England. Packed in a protective atmosphere to keep things super crunchy. Store in a cool, dry place (a pantry would be perfect).

40g Each.

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